How Much Is A Serving Size?

If you love potato chips, it will make you happy to know they have only 15 grams of carbohydrates in a serving – but it will bum you out to learn that by “serving” they mean only 1 oz, not the entire bag. To save you from counting – that’s 15 chips! We all know, no one eats just 15 chips, we eat all the chips in the snack bag, and without realizing, we’ve consumed about 10 servings and 150 grams of carbohydrates.

Food companies minimize calories, carbs, and sugar by listing nutritional facts of one serving size on the package but include many servings inside. Paying attention to serving sizes can be confusing at first, but learning to do so is important for portion control and healthy eating.

Here are some other tricky serving size examples:

  • A 1 oz. bag of almonds holds 28 nuts but only 6 nuts make up a serving size.
  • An English muffin looks like one serving but often one half of that muffin is what the label calls a serving.
  • A single serving of whole wheat pasta is only 2 oz. but comes in a 7 servings package.
  • Raisins come in ¼ cup boxes but only 2 tablespoons make up a serving.

 Single Serving Size Images

When you go shopping this week, check out the labels. What are the craziest serving sizes you find? Are there any foods that you will eat less now that you read the serving size and nutritional information?

Let us all know!

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