Workout While You Work

Do you spend your workday behind a desk or on your feet? At the end of each shift does your activity tracker read 2,000 steps or 10,000 steps?  It’s important to note what your average daily step count is, as that determines your body’s baseline.  If your body is used to walking 10,000 steps a day, you need to exceed that baseline number in order to reap the benefits.

To add a little pep-in-your-step and push past your daily baseline, try these activities at work or during your next break. Remember, every step counts!

Some are talkers, some are doers. The successful do both
1. If you live near work, walk instead of drive. If you ride the bus or the subway, get off a few blocks early and walk the rest of the way. If you drive to work, park at the far end of the parking lot and take ​a few extra steps.
Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 12.18.49 AM
2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
City weekend with people walking around food-stores at popular Street Food Festival
3. If you dine out for lunch, walk to the restaurant. If you bring your lunch, take a quick walk around the building after you eat.
Elderly care
4. Take a walk with your coworker during your break.
Female surgeon using cell phone in hospital
5. Stand up and take a walk during phone calls.

Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments!

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