How To Recognize And Control Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is something often learned in childhood and carried into adulthood. Ice cream was a common reward for a job well done. Dessert or cake was always the center of a celebration, and who wasn’t scolded for not eating their vegetables? As adults, we may now relate to food on an emotional level – comfort food, stress food, social food, “in a hurry” food, diet food. 

The journey to better health brings many highs and lows, which can trigger emotional eating, and how you react to those triggers will push you forward or set you back in achieving your health goals.

Food is fuel for our body, not a punishment or reward for our actions. Before you eat, take a moment to recognize how you feel and understand why you are eating. This will help you take control over when you eat and what food you choose.

5 Questions To Recognize Emotional Eating

  1. How Am I feeling – angry, sad, stressed, lonely?
  2. Am I really hungry or do I want to feel better?
  3. Will I be happy with myself after I eat this?
  4. Will this food help me reach my goals?
  5. Is this what I planned to eat today?

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