Can You Take Weekends Off From Your Healthy Lifestyle?

Diabetes management takes more than one single action, it’s a lifestyle change.  The trick to effectively managing diabetes is consistency.  Sticking to a consistent schedule helps you keep your glucose readings in range, lose weight, and over time helps to build healthy habits.  So what happens when you “take the weekend off” from managing your health?  Breaking your routine can cause discouraging delays in reaching goals.  Below are two common side effects of breaking your schedule. If they sound familiar it might be time to reset and recommit to a daily routine – your health depends on it!

The Yo-Yo Effect

One of the dangers in taking a break from your health routine is the yo-yo effect that happens in your body. Daily medication, healthy meals, and activity help keep your body functioning at its best, which can lead to weight loss, controlled blood sugars, and increased energy!  When you “take the weekend off” you might lose these benefits and can instead experience blood sugar spikes, weight gain, and fatigue. After this health routine “vacation” you and your body must work even harder simply to reach where you were previously – let alone to make any progress.  Often by the time your body stabilizes again, you’ll be wanting to take another vacation, and thus continues the yo-yo effect!

This yo-yo cycle greatly increases your risk of diabetic complications. A study by American Diabetes Association on the effects of inconsistent use of diabetes medicationshowed those who were inconsistent with their medication had more reports of kidney complications or diabetes-related deaths than those who were consistent in taking their medication.

Lack of Motivation

Breaking your healthy routine by skipping medications, activity, or meals leaves you feeling ill, fatigued, and unmotivated.For diabetics, it’s important to be consistent with your meals to avoid low blood sugarand negative side effects. Sticking to a long term routine takes dedication and motivation!  Do you remember your “Why for Wellness”?  This can be a great tool to stop and think about when you are feeling a loss of motivation!  Restarting a routine is a much greater challenge than continuing a routine, so do your best to avoid “taking weekends off” – it’s not worth it!

In order to properly manage your diabetes, it’s important to follow a daily health routine, every day, no matter what day it is.  Remember, you aren’t just managing your health, you are improving and extending your life.

Your Wellsmith Community is here to support you, so reach out if you need some help recommitting to your health.

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