4 Ways to Power Up Your Walk

Every step you take burns calories, but you can seriously slim down and get toned by adding hills, intervals, and sculpting moves to your walks. Strength training helps improve balance, bone density and builds muscle, and by combining them with a walk, you get a total body workout in less time. Here are the 4 best ways to take your walk to new levels!

  1. Add Intervals

Instead of walking at the same moderate pace, try high-intensity intervals by alternating between one-minute bursts of faster walking, followed by one minute of slower recovery.

2. Take It Uphill

When you increase intensity by walking up a hill or staircase, you get equivalent benefits in half the time.

3. Use The Stairs

If you have access to stairs, take a moment to do a round of inclined pushups, lunges, planks or squats using the stairs as a base.

4. Carry Weights

Walking with wrist or ankle weights is a simple way to strength train. The light weight will help build muscle, improve heart health, and increase endurance.

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