Stretch For Sleep

We could all use a stellar night’s sleep. Whether you’re stressed out, sore, or dealing with chronic pain, stretching right before you climb into bed can provide you with some restful sleep. If you feel tight and stiff at night, you’re definitely not alone. Our bodies hold onto tension throughout the day. Stretching not only relaxes you, but it also keeps your muscles flexible so you’re less likely to experience discomfort during the day.

No matter how busy you are—you can create a habit of making your body mobile before sleeping.

Benefits of Stretching Before Sleep:

Body Awareness@3x-100

Get to know your body. Our minds, filled with constant chatter, can make us forget about these fleshy vessels we carry with us. Stretching before sleep is the perfect way to reconnect with our bodies and our physicality again.

Stress Management@3x-100

Stress management. Life can be so stressful! We are always a work-in-progress, in a constant battle to maintain inner balance and calm. Stretching before sleep teaches us how to physically let go of daily stress rather than hold onto it.

Better Sleep@3x-100

Improve your quality of sleep. Stretching before bed positively impacts your sleep by allowing you to release the tension built up throughout the day so you can prepare your body and mind for a good night’s sleep.

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