Why It’s Important to Track Your Activity

When it comes to physical activity, little changes lead to big results. The most effective way to stay active is to set daily activity goals and track them in the Wellsmith app. You can track your activity, and use the progress graphs to motivate you to reach your goals and set new ones.  By tracking your activity with a daily step count, you see how quickly a few steps become thousands of steps and how easy it is to stay active. Activity tracking also keeps you on track!

The easiest way to track your activity with Wellsmith? Connect a step tracker to the Wellmsith app to automatically sync your steps! It’s easy and convenient. Wellsmith supports connection with the Garmin vivosmart 4, Apple Watch, Fit Bit, and any step tracker that connects to Google Fit or Apple Health. You can also track your steps using your iPhone or Android phone.

You can find instructions to connect your preferred step tracker here.

And remember, your Care Team is always available to help you stay active, and get healthy, so reach out to your Health Coach or your Nurse if you need support!

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