Why It’s Important To Track Your Activity

It’s important to move your body! Inactive lifestyles lead to more health issues and for those of you looking to change old habits and patterns, staying active is a great way to jump-start an exercise routine and manage your diabetes. Fitting exercise into your busy schedule may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be major- little changes lead to big results.  Don’t get overwhelmed by a number, just think of how much you enjoy taking steps (literally) to a healthier lifestyle.

Activity Image@3x-100The most effective way to stay active is to set daily activity goals and track them through your Wellsmith app. Through Wellsmith, you can track your activity, and use the daily snapshot of your steps to help achieve current goals and set new ones.  Activity tracking helps keep you accountable for reaching your daily step goals!

Wondering what’s the best method to track your activity with Wellsmith?  There are a few options, but it comes down to your personal preference. To find which method is right for you, start by answering these two questions:


Do you like wearing a Fitness Tracker?

Do you always carry a phone?

iHealth_Align_Hero2If you like wearing a fitness tracker as a watch or clipped on your pocket, then the Wellsmith fitness tracker is right for you. Its lightweight, water resistant, tracks and easily syncs your steps to the Wellsmith app without any effort on your end. Wearing a fitness tracker is a great option for anyone who can’t carry their cellphone at work, or simply dislikes carrying it.

Is wearing a fitness tracker is the best option for you? Learn how to connect your device to Wellsmith HERE for iPhone users and HERE for Android users.

Activity iOS@3x-100

If you prefer to wear a different watch instead of a tracker, then using your cell phone’s internal step counter is your best option.  In order for your cell phone to track your steps, it must be carried everywhere, or you won’t get credit for your steps. Some people have their cellphone in their pocket at all times, while others may not be allowed to have personal cells during work hours.  Before you decide on this option, think of how often you carry your phone.  If it’s attached to your hip at all times, especially while exercising, then using your phone’s step counter is a great way to track your steps.

Do you want to use your cellphone’s step counter to track your steps? Learn how to set up your phone’s internal step counter on the Wellsmith app HERE for iPhone users and HERE for Android users.

Both activity tracking options will help you stay active and keep you accountable to your goals. Remember, small changes lead to big results- what’s important is that you get your body moving and your blood pumping, so you can gain the health benefits of an active lifestyle.

Your Wellsmith Team is always available to help you connect devices, stay active, and get healthy, so reach out to Coach Bridgit through Wellsmith’s in-app messagingif you need any support. Want to celebrate your accomplishments or show how you reach your daily step goal?  Post your tips and successes in our Facebook group. Sharing your story may help someone else reach their goals.





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