Why It’s Important To Track Your Activity

Fitting exercise into your busy schedule may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be major- little changes lead to big results. Don’t get overwhelmed by a number, just think of how much you enjoy taking steps (literally) to a healthier lifestyle.

 The most effective way to stay active is to set daily activity goals and track them through your Wellsmith app. You can track your activity, and use the daily snapshot of your steps to motivate you to reach your weekly step goal and set new ones.  By tracking your activity with a daily step count, you see how quickly a few steps become thousands of steps and how easy it is to stay active. Activity tracking also keep you accountable to reaching your daily step goal.

Wondering what’s the best method to track your activity with Wellsmith?  Automatically track your steps by enabling your phone’s step tracker. In order for your cell phone to track your steps, it must be carried everywhere, or you won’t get credit for your steps.

You can enable your step tracker by following these steps.

Under Devices, tap “Activity/Step Tracker”

Tap “Use my phone”

Tap “”Yes” to enable Step Tracker

You will see a green check once your step tracker is enabled.

Your Wellsmith Team is always available to help you connect devices, stay active, and get healthy, so reach out to Coach Bridgit if you need support.

Want to celebrate your accomplishments or show how you reach your daily step goal?  Leave a comment with your tips and success story. Sharing your story may help someone else reach their goals.

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