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Holidays are right around the corner and living healthy can be stressful, especially with food and exercise…BUT this is your first holidays with Wellsmith –  your support in living healthy. Here are some healthy holiday tips to help you get through the holidays.


Health Holidays 1

Start by setting goals as to how you’ll make healthy choices. Commit to daily exercise, consistency with medication and not overindulging in holiday treats.




Healthy Holidays 2

Many times we confuse staying active with staying busy but busyness isn’t exercise, and it can quickly disrupt exercise routines during the holidays. Starting your mornings with exercise, even if it’s just 10 min, carries health benefits throughout the day. Try squeezing in your activity in the morning, so the holiday busyness doesn’t keep you from staying active.


Healthy Holidays 3

On an average, people consume 3,000-5,000 calories on Thanksgiving day- yikes! The best way to avoid this is to have a meal plan before you start eating. Try splitting your plate in half, filling one side with veggies and low-carb food. Split the other half in two- one for carbs, one for protein. This will help keep your meal balanced and lower in carbs.



Healthy Holidays 4

Holidays treats are all around this time of year, making sugar cravings hard to resist. A simple way to control your cravings is by staying hydrated, always carrying water to sip on.

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