Festive & Fit: Fun Holiday Workout Ideas

It’s cold outside and winter weather can sometimes make working out seem less than desirable. Although you may want to stay snuggled up in your warm bed, winter shouldn’t be a time that your fitness plans hibernate. With the right attitude, winter can be a great opportunity to mix up your routine and get creative with how you burn calories. You can even count participating in holiday cheer as your workout. Allow exercise to help you beat those winter blues! We’ve curated five ways to get festive and fit this holiday season.

 A Holiday Walk

person in black jacket near body of water
Get into the holiday spirit by walking through your neighborhood’s own Candy Cane Lane. Find a detour that leaves you bedazzled by your surroundings. Explore the faux wintery wonderlands on foot with friends and family. You’ll be completely transported from workout mode. We promise you’ll forget about burning calories while admiring your neighbor’s twinkly holiday light display.

Build A Snowman

snowman with camera
‘Tis the season for building a snowman! Grab your family and head outdoors—you’ll be surprised by the full body workout and how many calories you burn playing in the snow. In the winter, you expend a lot more calories to keep your body temperature up. To make the most out of your snowman workout, roll a bigger snowball for the body sections, and when you lift to stack it, use your core. Don’t shy away from making a snow angel either, angel ab exercises are an incredible way to build core and upper body strength.


Holiday Shopping

building christmas tree indoors mall
Shop until you drop the pounds! The best part about the crowded mall during the holidays is the major calorie burn from all the walking. We suggest you keep up a brisk pace and hold all of your shopping bags as you browse store to store. Skip the escalator or elevator and take the stairs to maximize your workout in minimum time with low impact.

Holiday 5k or Fun Run

Put on your holiday socks, a Santa hat, or a Christmas light necklace and bring some excitement to your walk/run by registering for a local 5k jingle run or run through a park light up with Christmas lights. Use this opportunity to invite your family and friends or connect with an active community organizing these events. You can even wear a Santa costume if you please, but make sure you’re comfortable enough to move your body.


Ice Skating

Unless you want to spend all winter inside the gym, it’s essential to tweak your exercise regimen for the season. Ice skating is a calorie-burning, core-strengthening, leg-toning activity that is actually fun. Knees, ankles, and hips will see improvement with this low-impact gliding exercise, compared to the harsh effects of running on pavement.

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