Gratitude, a Healthy Practice

Many are still researching if and how gratitude impacts our health, but preliminary research suggests gratitude is essential to our wellbeing and can make people happier, improve relationships, and help counteract stress and anxiety. It also suggests that grateful people may have better sleep and fewer aches and pains.

Sleep is vital for good health, but sometimes it’s not easy to get a restful night’s sleep, or fall asleep. Inadequate sleep puts strain on the body and increases your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions. Studies suggest that expressing gratitude before bedtime may improve your sleep.

Want to test if gratitude may help you sleep better? An easy way to start is to keep a journal next to your bed and write down what you are grateful for before you go to bed. This will introduce positive thoughts that can help ease anxiety. You can also send a text to someone you are thankful for and let them know the positive impact they make in your life.

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