Top 5 Health Tips for 2019

Each new year brings a fresh start – what will you do with it? Did you plan to live your healthiest year yet, but may be falling behind? We believe you still can, and to help, we recommend you add these 5 smart health goals.

1.Set A Goal & Track It

The saying “old habits die hard,” is so true when working towards a new goal. Setting goals and tracking them is less about remembering your goals and more about breaking old habits to form new ones. Setting goals gives you the confidence to change, and tracking your goals gives you the motivation to accomplish them, especially when those old, stubborn habits get in the way. 

Want to make goal tracking simple and easy? Use your Wellsmith app to track any health, fitness or weight loss progress, and share your goals with your Care Team so they can support you.

2. Smart Self-Care

Many times, we get consumed by daily to-dos and overlook self-care, which is critical for staying healthy, especially if you have type 2 diabetes. Take time to check-in with yourself to refocus, do your daily foot checks, set up annual eye and dental exam – you matter. When you make self-care a priority your mental, emotional and physical health improve.

3. Sit Less

“Exercise more” is on most goal lists, but what about “sit less?” If you exercise but still spend a large amount of time sitting, your health can suffer. Moving your muscles throughout the day helps your body digest fats and sugars, it boosts your energy levels, builds strength, and makes your activity goals more achievable – multiple shorts walks vs. a long walk.

4. Sip More Water

If you aren’t drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day, start now. Water helps flush toxins from the body, improves digestion, eliminates excess glucose, prevents fatigue, and helps with weight loss by suppressing cravings. Plus, sipping water throughout the day helps boost your mood and energy.

5. Set A Bedtime

Sleeping in isn’t an option for most, but going to bed earlier, and at the same time each night, is an option and it comes with many benefits. A bedtime routine helps you de-stress, and having a consistent bedtime trains your body to relax and sleep. Adequate sleep helps your body regulate glucose and cortisol levels and keeps you energized to conquer your 2019 goals. 

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