Gift Yourself A Healthy Heart

Happy American Heart Month!

February is known for celebrating love through romantic gestures and all things heart – related, also a great reminder to take care of our own heart.

This Valentine’s Day, gift yourself a healthy heart and learn how to prevent heart disease:

Be Heart-Smart: How To Prevent Heart Disease.

Managing cholesterol early in life is key to lowering your risk for heart disease.

Click HERE to take the cholesterol quiz and learn more about cholesterol management.

Wellsmith Team Progress Report

Where will your steps take you this month?

Together you have walked 581 Million steps, that’s 264,101 miles! 

 Did you know St. Valentine’s day originated in Ancient Rome? With these steps, you could travel to Rome and back 28 times.

Coach Bridgit’s Corner

I am excited to celebrate Heart Awareness Month with you! Our hearts depend on us becoming heart-smart and taking action in preventing heart disease.

Take a FRESH look at your health by setting up your annual physical with your doctor. Make sure you test your A1C!

Shoot me a message with your A1C result and important health updates from your physical.

Changed health plans?  Click HERE for details on how Wellsmith works with each plan.

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