Get To Know Your Body With These Questions

Spending time reflecting on your health and eating habits every time you check your weight is a simple and effective way to get to know your body. You will start to recognize patterns or side effects of your diet that may need to change.

A good starting point is reflecting on your diet and asking yourself these four questions.
  1. Did anything you recently eat make you feel sluggish or did it give you more energy?
  2. Did you feel bloated or experience stomach discomfort after eating certain food?
  3. Did you experience more less cravings when you ate certain foods?
  4. How does your diet support your health goals. Did the food help you control your blood sugar or spike it? Was it nutritional or full of carbs and sugar?

With each answer, you will begin to discover how the food you eat effects your body, and what you need to avoid. If your food isn’t nutritious and supports a healthy lifestyle, you need to adjust your diet.

If certain foods make you feel sluggish, bloated or uncomfortable, that’s a sign it’s not the right food for you. If you feel itchy, have a headache, or notice a rash, you may have a food allergy, so set up an appointment with your Doctor to discuss.

If certain food gives you more energy and less cravings, that’s the right kind of food to fuel your body with.

Learning to eat health is a procress that takes time to understand. What’s important is you commit to your healthy meal plan, and discover what best food is for you.

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