Are You Having A Healthy Day?

Wellsmith’s new “My Healthy Day” feature makes it simple to achieve a healthy day, every day. This home screen is one of the best new features in the app because it provides an at-a-glance view of all your daily actions and reminder times, and tracks your progress. Give it a try with this guide.

Complete Your Reminders
View a list of your daily actions and reminders underneath the progress bars, so you know what you need to do every day.

Fill Your Progress Bars
Each reminder you complete fills your bars little by little. When you complete all of your reminders, and your daily step goal, your bars will fill to 100%.

Log Your Readings
Make sure each reading syncs with Wellsmith or is manually logged.

Celebrate Your Achievement
Once you fill all of your progress bars, you will unlock a health day celebration! Make sure you share your achievement with Coach Bridgit, so we can celebrate with you.

Discover New Ways
Read the daily Everyday Health Tip underneath your reminders and discover a new tip for managing your health, so that you can achieve a healthy day the next day.

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