How To Read Your Dashboards

Wellsmith’s new dashboards make it easy to track your progress, spot trends in your health, and help you learn what behaviors you may need to change to reach your health goals; however, these dashboards are only as smart as the information it captures, so it’s important to make sure you log every action you take.

To check your progress, follow these steps:

From your Homescreen, tap “Dashboard”

At the top of your Dashboard screen tap on each category to view your health data and progress.

Each category allows you to see your daily, weekly, and monthly progress by tapping on the specific timeframe.

As you review each Dashboard, look for out-of-range or missed (inconclusive) readings.

If you notice any, ask yourself: What do I do that day that may have caused this? Is there something I can change to avoid this?

If you want more detail about each reading, scroll down, and review the daily readings log underneath the Dashboard.

This list will tell you the date & time of each reading and if it was in range.

It’s important to also look for changes in your health data – did you lose weight or gain weight?

If you notice a change, like weight loss, look at your steps and glucose. Did you reach your daily or weekly step goal? Was your glucose under control that week? Did your actions positively or negatively impact your health?

By taking the time to review your progress and reflect on how your actions impacted your health, you will begin to understand trends in your health and learn what habits you need to change to reach your health goals.

If you have any questions about your health data or need additional guidance in reading your Dashboards, send Coach Bridgit a message.

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