Keep Your Head Up: Managing Diabetes

Feeling overwhelmed with diabetes management? You are not alone in this journey and finding balance in managing diabetes is possible, especially with Wellsmith. Here are simple things you can do today that will make your diabetes care more manageable.

  1. Connect With Your Care Team
    Your Care Team members are dedicated to supporting you in your health journey and are experts in diabetes care – take advantage of their support! Whether it’s daily encouragement, guidance on managing your blood sugar, coaching on diet and exercise, or a listening ear on how challenging diabetes care is, they’re ready to help you. All you need to do is send them an in-app message with your question or you can use one of these examples:
  • I have a question about on my glucose readings. Can you help?
  • I am angry for having Type 2 diabetes and feel it’s too hard to manage. Will it get easier?
  • I don’t really like vegetables. Can I eat something else?
  • I have bad knees and a bad back. What type of exercise should I do?
  • I really want to lose weight, but don’t know how to start. Any ideas on what I should do?

Check Your Glucose Regularly
Remember, your blood sugar values are merely information to help make a diabetes management decision – not judgments on your health, success or ability to control your diabetes.

Stay Positive
Changing your lifestyle is not a sprint, it’s a life long marathon – sometimes it will be easy and other times it will be hard. What’s important is believing you can do it, staying committed to making yourself better, and making the best, healthiest decisions you can every day. More importantly, remind yourself that you will mess up, but that doesn’t mean you stop, you just start again. A simple way to stay positive: write a weekly note to yourself on things you are proud of, what you accomplished, and what you need to improve next week. You can share it with your Care Team, so they know how to support you and your goals.

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