How To Read Your Homescreen

At the start of each day, you will have a fresh list of Reminders when you open the Wellsmith app.

Your goal is to complete each Reminder Card and achieve a Healthy Day every day.

You can do so by logging the medication or taking the measurement associated with each Reminder Card during the Routine Window specified.

It is important you adhere to these Routine Windows. If they are incorrect or do not accommodate your schedule, please contact your care team so that adjustments can be made.

For glucose and weight, either synchronize your device after you have taken a measurement or select the Reminder Card to manually provide the measurement result and time.

For medication, it is as simple as selecting the Reminder Card to record it.

For steps, either enable your phone’s step counter to sync your steps or select the Reminder to manually enter your step count.

Complete all of your reminders to fill your progress bars and achieve a Healthy Day.

Don’t forget to read the daily Everyday Health Tip!

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