Overcome Your Excuses

“I don’t have time to exercise.”
30 min is approximately 4% of your week’s time. You will make time if it’s important, so here are a few ways to break through the excuse. 

  • Break up the time into small 15 min walks and do them before work, during lunch and after work, wherever you can. Walk around a parking lot, take the stairs, walk in place while watching tv or during your kid’s soccer practice. 
  • Commit to a schedule by signing up for a Zumba dance class or relax at a yoga class.
  • Go on a bike ride with a friend. Take your spouse on a date and walk around the park at sunset. 

“I don’t like vegetables and I don’t know how to cook them.”
Eating vegetables doesn’t have to be a boring or a chore, and you don’t have to like every one you try. But you may find there are many interesting ways to cook and serve vegetables if you’re willing to try!

  • Add a side of sliced carrots, cucumbers, celery or snap peas to your lunch or afternoon snack, and pair them with a sauce or dip you like. Try peanut butter, hummus, or low-fat salad dressing as an easy place to start. 
  • Buy a steamable bag of vegetables and them to your dinner each night. They are inexpensive and an easy way to cook and try new veggies. 
  • Try a new recipe! Check out the Diabetes Food Hub for healthy recipes featuring a variety of vegetables, proteins and healthy carbs.

“It’s too hard and it takes too long.”
It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. What matters is you stay committed, push through the “hard” and you will reap the benefits of creating healthy habits that become a healthy life.

  • Set small attainable goals. Add five minutes to your walk. Aim to try one new exercise a month. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. You will notice positive changes in your energy over time.
  • Track your exercise progress to celebrate the wins.

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