Power Up Your Walk

When walking, every step counts! But with any exercise routine, adding variety can keep it interesting and challenge your body in different ways.

Before you start your walk, check your posture. You should stand up straight, with shoulders back, and chin up. This allows you to take deep breaths, and help you go faster and farther without wearing out.

Here are four ways to power up your walking routine.

Add Intervals
Instead of walking at the same moderate pace, try high-intensity intervals. Alternating between one-minute bursts of faster walking, followed by one-minute at a moderate pace.

Take The Stairs
If you have access to stairs, climb them to the top, then walk back down. Repeat 3 – 4 times.

Carry Weights
Walking with wrist or ankle weights is a simple way to increase intensity. The light weight will help build muscle and increase endurance. 

Take It Up Hill
Increase intensity by walking up a hill.  This elevates your heart rate and increases calorie burn.

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