Weight Loss Motivation

To lose weight and transform your health, stay focused on one healthy decision at a time. The real goal isn’t the number on the scale, it’s watching your healthy habits become a healthy life, and reaping the benefits of your actions. Use these reminders to stay motivated when it gets tough.

Today is the right day to start.
There’s never a perfect time to change your habits. It will always be hard, and the more time you spend waiting for another “perfect time” excuse, the less time you have to live your healthiest life.

Do it first.
You probably have a list of other things you “need” and want to do instead of working out and eating healthy. Do the right things first, then go about your day. Waiting till later puts you at risk of being too tired and tempted by unhealthy food.

Focus on feeling good.
The habits you develop and practice should make you feel good – energized, accomplished, healthy, even if it’s hard at first. If it leaves you feeling good, you are more likely to do it again. Think about how you feel after a workout – a slight high, clear-headed, tired but energized and strong. Keep chasing this feel-good feeling.

Believe in yourself.
You’ve probably tried and given up many times, so you question if you can really change your lifestyle and reach your weight goal. You can, and you will. Trust yourself and believe that you deserve and will achieve weight loss, and most importantly, good health.

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