Embrace a Weight Loss Mindset

To start any health journey, you must first recognize and focus on breaking bad habits, and that requires a shift in mindset.

  1. Use Self Reflection to identify bad habits in your daily life that are holding you back. Ask yourself, are my eating habits preventing me from losing weight? Am I reaching my daily Activity goal?
  2. Embrace change and make a plan for how you break bad habits. If you are skipping breakfast, make a breakfast meal plan, like eggs and bacon, or low-sugar yogurt and fresh berries. If you are eating unhealthy at lunch, buy some pre-made salads and pack your lunch.
  3. Set mini goals for the week for actions you will take to break the habit. Focus on one thing like reaching your daily step goal, changing one meal, or taking your medication as scheduled.
  4. Celebrate small wins – waking up and exercising, eating breakfast, taking your medication seem small but the impact is tremendous for reaching your goal.
  5. Believe in yourself- your health matters, you matter; you can and will do it.
  6. Replace Negative Thoughts:
    • Change “I can’t do this” to “This is tough but I am going to try my best.”

You aren’t alone in this journey! Your Care Team wants to support you, so send them a message with your goals and challenges.

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