New Year … New Goals

The New Year is quickly approaching. It’s time to celebrate your 2019 accomplishments and to set your goals for 2020. Line yourself up for success using a fast, simple and proven method to build your 2020 goals. This year try using the SMART method:

S: Specific – State clear goals with intention.

M: Measurable – Make sure your goals can be measured.

A: Attainable – Make sure your goals are realistic and how they WILL (not want to) be achieved.

R: Relevant – Set goals that inspire you.

T: Timebound – Set a deadline for each goal.

Here is an example of how you set a SMART goal:

Specific: I will lose 10 pounds.

Measurable: I will log my weight every Tuesday and Saturday after my morning shower.

Attainable: I will walk 30 minutes on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday each week at 8 a.m.

Relevant: I will be able to get around and play with my grandchildren more easily.

Timebound: I will lose 10 pounds by September 9th (my birthday)

No matter what goals you set – to touch your toes or run a marathon – setting SMART goals gives you a clear accountable path to achieve goals that inspire you. Post your goals in clear site to maintain focus. Be sure to share your SMART goals with your family and friends. Most importantly, celebrate your successes!

Start your new year with SMART goals. Make 2020 your best year. We will be with right there with you – every step of the way!

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