5 BIG Reasons to Re-Think Sugar

Why re-think your sugar intake? Here are 5 great reasons:

  1. Pancreas Overdrive
    • Too much sugar overworks your pancreas.
  2. Sugar High
    • Sugar triggers your brain to release dopamine – the “feel good” hormone.  Over time, your brain requires more and more sugar to reach a “sugar high.”
  3. Spike & Crash
    • Refined sugars (juices, sodas, and sports drinks) cause your blood sugar to spike and then crash.
  4. Sugar to Fat
    • Excess sugar is converted into fat by your liver. An overload of sugar (and fat) can lead to fatty liver disease.
  5. Chronic Health Conditions
    • High sugar intake can harden your heart arteries, contribute to kidney failure, and cause digestive issues.

Commit to make one change this year – eliminate sweetened beverages from your diet and bring on the flavored water. One small swap for a healthier you!

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