Heart Healthy Habits

Your heart works hard each day for you. Love your heart in return. 

HABIT 1: NUTRITION. Meet with a registered dietitian to create a simple and healthy nutrition plan developed just for you to help manage your weight, glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure. 

HABIT 2: ACTIVITY. Start a simple workout routine each day to strengthen your heart and help it beat and pump with less effort. 

HABIT 3: GLUCOSE. Check your glucose, as recommended by your doctor, to keep your blood sugar in range and help prevent heart disease. 

HABIT 4: CHOLESTEROL. Keep your cholesterol in check to avoid plaque buildup in the arteries of your heart.  

HABIT 5: BLOOD PRESSURE. Limit your sodium to help you lower or avoid high blood pressure and reduce your risk of kidney and heart disease. 

HABIT 6: SMOKE FREE. Avoid first or secondhand smoke to avoid nicotine, which narrows and restricts your blood vessels. 

Celebrate your heart this Valentine’s Day. Take advantage of the resources available to make loving your heart easy. Contact your Wellsmith Care team today to learn more about how you can meet with a registered dietitian and/or participate in program to help you quit smoking.

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