Managing Meds: 4 Ways to Conquer Side Effects

A broad range of medications are prescribed for Type 2 diabetes. Each can cause side effects. There are a few easy ways to avoid the side effects of medications: 

Take Your Medication with Food

 A balanced meal helps prevent an upset stomach when taking medications like Metformin. Food can also help prevent low blood glucose when taking medications like Glucotrol, Glimepiride, Glipizide, and Glyburide.

Start Slow with a Lower Dose

Ask your doctor about starting a lower dose of the recommended drug to allow your body to adjust. Then, work your way up to the dosage your doctor prescribed (Metformin and injectables).

Learn what to Avoid

Certain medications do not interact well with over the counter medications, supplements or alcohol. Ask your doctor about potential adverse interactions you should be aware of to avoid side effects.

Open Conversations

The simplest way to avoid side effects with your medications is to be informed. Be sure to talk with your doctor about your medications, potential side effects, what to avoid, and what to monitor. 

Remember, never adjust your medications without speaking with your doctor FIRST. If your doctor makes a change, be sure to message your Wellsmith Care Team. We will ensure your Care Plan stays up to date! 

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