4 Tips for Easy Medication Management

Make staying on schedule with your medications easy with a simple medication management plan and routine. It will minimize stress, keep you safe, and make it fast and easy to stay on track. 

Pill Organizer.
Pill boxes can be especially helpful in managing your medications. Fill your pill box each week on the same day (e.g. Sunday evening). Consider using separate pill boxes for your morning, midday and evening medications.  

Wellsmith App Notifications – Medication reminders are a great way to stay on scheduled with your medications. If your reminders are out of sync with your daily schedule (e.g. nightshift), contact the Care Team to have your reminders schedule changed. 

Make Medications A Routine – Make taking your medications a quick and easy habit by combining the task with one of your existing routines. For example, take your morning medication after you brush your teeth or with your morning coffee.   

Create Additional Reminders – Place sticky notes on the bathroom mirror, kitchen counter, or your computer at work. Just a quick glance will remind you that you need to take your medication or give you a well-deserved kudos that you are staying on track.   

Remember, medication helps keep your blood sugars in-range. Taking your medications consistently helps your doctor determine if your medication and dosage are working or need to be adjusted. Make sure your medication plan is simple to make medication consistency easy.

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