6 Habits That Make Weight Management a Breeze

Staying within a normal weight range significantly reduces our risk for high blood pressure and heart disease and helps keep insulin levels in check. Most of us know what we should do in order to maintain a healthy body weight, but it’s sometimes easier said than done (we’re looking at you, office birthday cupcakes). These small, simple habits can go a long way to help us reach our ideal weight and stay there. 

1. Exercise
Walking has more than 12 proven health benefits, including improved mood, better sleep and reduced weight. But besides that, it’s easy, free and fun! Remember that with type 2 diabetes, it’s important to wait an hour after exercise to check your sugar as there can be an initial rise in sugar immediately after.

2. Avoid Sugary Beverages
Do you order sodas when eating out? The next time you go to a restaurant, let your server know you’d rather stick with water. If your normal morning routine includes sugary coffee drinks, try an unsweet herbal tea instead or simply skip the sugar.

3. Eat Regular Meals
When you skip a meal, it’s easy to overeat at the next one or indulge in a less-than-healthy snack.  

4. Pay Attention to Portions
Recommended serving sizes can be surprising, so be aware of how much you’re eating. Simple tricks like eating from a smaller plate can help cut down on overeating.

5. Slow Down
Enjoy your meals. Savor each bite and eat mindfully to give your body time to digest and for your stomach to tell your brain when you’re full.

6. Get Good Sleep
Smart, healthy decisions are much easier when you’re well-rested and thinking clearly.

Remember, when it comes to weight management, the little things are the big things. These simple habits make it easy to live a little healthier every day. Do you have any tips for maintaining a healthy weight? Share them with us in the comments below!

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