Healthy Hacks: How to Navigate a Snack Attack

It’s mid-afternoon and you’re going about your day, when out of nowhere – BAM! You’re hit with one of those need-to-eat-now-or-else kind of snack attacks. What next? You reach for the closest thing you can find, which just so happens to be a well-balanced snack. Sounds easy, right? It is!

With a bit of preparation, you can have a tasty snack on hand any time hunger strikes. Simply choose one protein and one carb from the table below:

Protein (At Least 8g/Serving)Carbohydrate (15g/Serving)
1 oz. Low-Fat Cheese6 Triscuit Crackers
¼ cup (2 oz.) Feta Cheese6 Saltine Crackers
2 Tbsp. Natural Peanut Butter10 Wheat Thin Crackers
1 oz. Low-Fat Swiss Cheese5 Wheat Crackers
½ cup (4 oz.) Cottage Cheese1 oz. Tortilla Chips (~10-15)
1 String Cheese1 Slice Wheat Bread
1 oz. Chicken Salad, Egg Salad, Tuna Salad or Pimento Cheese½ Whole Grain English Muffin
1 oz. Lean Turkey, Chicken or Roast Beef Lunch Meat (~1 Slice)3 Small Graham Cracker Squares
1-2 oz. Nuts, Unsalted (~12-15 Nuts)4 oz. Apple or Pear Slices
1 Hard-Boiled Egg½ Banana
½ cup Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt17 Small Grapes
 1 Medium Peach
 ½ cup Pineapple Tidbits (w/o Juice or Syrup)
 ½ cup Sliced Strawberries or Fruit Cocktail (w/o Juice or Syrup)
 ½ cup Hummus
 3 cups Light Popcorn (w/o Butter or Salt)

Or, choose one of these combo snacks that contain a balance of protein and carbs:

  • Nature Valley Protein Bar – Peanut chocolate flavor
  • 8 oz. Skim or 1% Milk
  • 1 Chobani a Hint of ____ Greek Yogurt
  • 1 Dannon Oikos Triple O
  • 1 Wallaby Low-Fat Organic Yogurt Strawberry or Lemon Flavors
  • ½ cup Edamame (Soybeans) Steamed/Cooked and Shelled

When we’re prepared, snack attacks are no longer sneak attacks. Do you have a favorite healthy snack you love to keep on hand? Share it with us in the comments below!

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