Say When: Serving Sizes Made Simple

When it comes to achieving your health goals, how much you eat and drink is almost as important as what you eat and drink. Where’s the best place to start? Take a peek at the serving size on nutrition facts labels.  

What is a Serving Size? 

On nutrition labels, the serving size lets you know the actual number of servings in a package – food or drink. Often, the food and drinks we buy have more than a single serving. For example, a small bag of pretzels may contain 7 or more 1-ounce servings! Good news is you don’t need a food scale to figure out how many pretzels to eat. Here’s a “handy” guide to serving sizes: 

Serving Size Quick Comparison 
3 oz.  Palm (or a deck of cards) 
1 cup Fist 
1 oz.  Thumb 
½ cup Handful 

Don’t forget! Check how many grams of total carbs are in a single serving – it may be more than 1 carbohydrate serving. Work with a Registered Dietitian to determine how many carbohydrate servings you need at each meal. 

Now that you’ve got another tool in your healthy living tool box, put it to use! Grab an item from your pantry or fridge, flip it over, and check the nutrition label. You may be surprised to learn how much is in a single serving.  

What quick comparison would you use to measure a single serving? Any surprising finds? Let us know in the comments below! 

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