Meet the New Wellsmith

We’re so excited to welcome you to the new Wellsmith app, designed with YOU in mind. Things look a little different, so we’re here to show you all the exciting new features now available!

New! Care Plan 

When you log in to Wellsmith’s new app for the first time, you will be prompted to review your personalized Care Plan. Need updates or changes? Send a quick in-app message to your Nurse by simply tapping the “Something Is Not Right” button.

Connected Device Setup 

You will need to reconnect your devices to the new Wellsmith app. You should now have your new Garmin vivosmart 4 and the step-by-step connection instructions that were enclosed with your shipment.

Can’t find your new device instruction cards? Click here to view the instructions online.

Don’t have the Garmin? You must confirm your information online to receive your new Garmin vivosmart 4. To confirm, click here to confirm now.

New! My Healthy Day Screen 

The “My Healthy Day” screen displays your daily goals, tracks, and reports your goals. Glucose, Meds, Weight, and Steps progress is reported at the top of your screen – arches will fill as you complete each daily task. Once you’ve achieved your daily goals, you celebrate a Healthy Day!

New! Everyday Health Tips 

At the bottom of the home screen, you’ll find daily tips and hacks to help you to live a healthier life. Click the daily image to jump to the Wellsmith blog and learn more.


The Dashboard tab at the bottom of screens allows you to view a summary of your health data. Move between Glucose, Meds, Steps, and Weight Dashboards by tapping each section at the top of the screen.

Nutrition Log 

Keeping track of what you eat has some seriously surprising benefits. From the Dashboard screen, click on the “Food” tab to log your meals each day. Can’t remember to do it each day? Message your Health Coach or Nurse and ask them to set up reminders to help you stay on track with your nutrition!

New! Messages 

The Messages tab at the bottom of the screen takes you to your secure Wellsmith inbox. Here, you can reach out to your Nurse or Health Coach.

You can also message Technical Support from the Wellsmith app, when and where needed. Simply tap “Technical Support” in your Messages tab and send a message for assistance with app or device issues.

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