Welcome to Wellsmith: A First-Time User’s Guide

Congratulations on taking the first step in your wellness journey by joining the Wellsmith community. Today is the day you begin to form the habits that are the foundation of a healthy day and a healthy life! The Wellsmith app is simple and easy to use. Here’s a how-to guide for first-time users.

What is Wellsmith? 

Wellsmith makes it easy to manage your health all in one place! Get daily reminders to help you stay on track with your personalized Care Plan. Monitor your progress, celebrate your success, and get help when you need it from your dedicated Care Team. 

What do I do in the app?

On the Home screen under “My Reminders” you will find a list of things to do each day. This list of reminders is tailored to help you reach the health goals in your personalized Care Plan.

Once you have completed the reminder, simply tap on it and enter the details.

How do I connect my devices?

Each of your digital health devices is Bluetooth-enabled to sync your data and measurements directly to the Wellsmith app. To set up your devices, select More, then Devices and follow the on-screen instructions to pair each device. For help connecting, click here.

Who do I ask for help?

You can send an in-app message to your Nurse and your Health Coach for help and support when you need it. They are here to help guide you to better health.

You can also send an in-app message to Technical Support for help with app or device issues.

Simply tap Messages at the bottom of the screen.

Get to Know the App


Tap the Home icon at the bottom of the screen to get back to the homepage. Here, you’ll find an overview of your Reminders – including how many of those reminders you have completed, and Healthy Tips.


Tap Progress at the bottom of the screen to see your progress reports in each category. You can toggle between Glucose, Meds, Steps, Weight and Food dashboards by tapping on the one you want to see.


Tap Messages at the bottom of the screen to send and receive messages from your dedicated Care Team, or to contact Technical Support for assistance with your app and/or health devices.


Tap More at the bottom of the screen to view your Wellsmith profile, Care Plan, list of connected devices, and Help resources.

Still have questions?

We are here for you. You can access our FAQ page directly in the app by tapping More, then Help.

For help with devices or the app, please contact Technical Support with an in-app message or email support@wellsmith.com.

For questions and concerns about your health, medications, and more, please send an in-app message to your Nurse.

For questions about food, fitness, and healthy habits, please send an in-app message to your Health Coach.

That’s all there is to it!  We are so happy to welcome you Wellsmith, and your journey toward better health.

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