Little Steps, Big Results

Physical activity is a vital part of healthy living – our bodies are made to move! If you’re new to fitness, it’s not only OK to start small, it’s encouraged. When you start small, it’s easier to turn an action into a habit. And healthy habits are the building blocks of a healthy life. Keep reading for our top tips on how to take little steps toward big results.

Stay Consistent

When it comes to physical activity, it matters less what you do than how often you do it. The key to progress is consistency. If you build routines that are easy to stick to each day, you’ll set yourself up for success in the long run.

Make it Measurable

Saying you want to “be more active” is a great place to start, but it’s hard to measure your success with that goal. Be more specific! What activities would you like to try and for how long? 

For example: “I am going to walk outside for 5 minutes every evening.” A goal like this is measurable, clear, and achievable. Click here to learn more about how to set SMART goals.

Continue to Build

Once your small steps have become a consistent habit, it’s time to increase your goals. If you’ve been walking 5 minutes each day, perhaps increase to 10.  If you’ve been doing 1 minute of arm circles every morning, maybe it’s time to add 1 minute at night too.

Just like you started small, make sure to increase slowly as well. Remember, consistency is the key to success!

Back to Basics

If at any time you feel overwhelmed or find yourself wanting to skip your physical activity, go back to where you started – perhaps that original 5-minute walk is all you can manage after a long day at work. It’s OK to take two steps forward and one step back – as long as you’re moving!

Building tiny habits is the easiest path to long term success!  What fitness goals do you have, and what’s the smallest habit you can start today? Share them in the comments below.

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