A Nurse’s Top Tips to Lower Your A1C

For those with type 2 diabetes keeping your A1C in check is a big deal because it measures how well you’re controlling blood sugar levels. To make it easy for you, we asked a Care Team Nurse for 5 simple ways to lower your A1C.

Check Your Blood Sugar as Directed by Your Doctor

Your A1C reflects your blood sugar levels over the last 3 months, so the most fool-proof way of gaining A1C insight is to check your levels regularly. Imagine trying to drive without a speedometer!  How would you know your speed? If your sugars trend up, down or stay consistent, that likely indicates where your A1C is headed.  Try testing at various times; fasting, before a meal, or 2 hours after a meal to make sure your sugars aren’t spiking when you least expect it.

Schedule Exercise as Part of Your Daily Routine

To keep your A1C stable, it’s important to keep blood sugar levels in a consistent range. Exercise is a critical part of diabetes management and can be easy if you focus on planning.

Set yourself up for success! Schedule activity on your calendar just like you would any other important appointment – after a meal, before work, or directly on your way home from work.  Exercise helps your body use the foods you eat, more efficiently. Exercise helps your body use the foods you eat, more efficiently.

Become a Planner

Get in the habit of planning meals and snacks!  Much like planning exercise, success with nutrition is about thinking ahead and being prepared.  Keep your fridge and pantry full of foods that are healthy and easy to grab.  Bring snacks to work in order to avoid vending machine cravings, and plan the week’s menu in advance to avoid last-minute fast food. 

Take Your Medication as Ordered

Diabetes medications have changed greatly over the last few years, which means there are a wide variety of options.  If you are experiencing side effects that concern you, reach out to your Wellsmith Nurse or your doctor with your concerns or questions.  Sometimes avoiding side effects can be as simple as changing the dose or what time of day you take your medication.

Stay Accountable

Talk with your doctor and your loved ones about your A1C goal and stay accountable by keeping them in the loop. Like any other health goal, lowering your A1C is all about the tiny, daily habits you keep!

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