6 Ways Wellsmith Can Help You Lose Weight

When it comes to improving your overall health, maintaining a healthy BMI (body mass index) is important. Losing just a few pounds can lower both your blood pressure and your A1C level and reduce your overall health risks! And with Wellsmith, you’ll be well on your way to weight loss in just minutes a day.

1. Set a Weight Goal

Setting goals – health or otherwise – is key to making progress. Send a message to your Health Coach or Nurse to set a weight goal in the Wellsmith app. Once you do, you’ll see a black line on your Progress chart so you can keep your goal in mind every time you step on the scale. You can also request a weekly weight reminder be set for a time that best fits your schedule.

Not sure what goal to set? Your Care Team can help! Start small – the Mayo Clinic suggests losing just 5% of your current weight to start.

2. Log Your Meals

People who log their meals lose twice as much weight as those who don’t. And, there’s a quick and easy way to keep track of your food in the Wellsmith app. Just tap Progress -> Food!  Weight loss is just one of the many benefits of meal tracking.

New to logging your food? Ask your Nurse or Health Coach to set reminders for you so you don’t forget!  

3. Track Your Glucose

Consistent high blood sugar levels can make it difficult to maintain or lose weight.  By checking your blood sugar daily in Wellsmith, you can keep your sugars in range which makes it easier to shed a few pounds.

4. Message Your Care Team

Your Care Team Nurse is a Certified Diabetes Care & Education Specialist who knows all sorts of tips and tricks when it comes to managing diabetes. If you’re not sure what to eat, why your blood sugar is high, or what your weight goal should be, message your Nurse in the app!

5. Hit Your Step Goal

Ready to reach your weight goal? Get moving! Walking is an easy way to burn calories, and you don’t have to go far to reap the benefits. Taking a 10-minute walk before or after work is a small weight loss habit you can start today!

6. Stay Motivated!

Once you get the weight loss ball rolling, keep up the momentum! Whether it’s reading the Healthy Tips on your Home screen or reaching out to your Health Coach for some encouragement, Wellsmith will help you stay motivated to reach your weight loss goals. We’re right here supporting you every step of the journey.

Ready to get started? Send a message to your Care Team today!

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