Wellsmith Transition to AHM FAQs

Thank you for being a part of Wellsmith over the last several years. We are sad to see you go! Please review the following FAQs for details on transitioning to AHM. If you have any feedback for us, please take a minute to fill out this survey.

Can I still use Accu-Chek® supplies when I’m in the ActiveHealth Management (AHM) program?   

Yes, continue to use the Accu-Chek® meter and testing strips you currently have.  You can obtain additional Accu-Chek strips and lancets until the end of the year.  We encourage you to refill your test strips and lancets for a 90 day supply before 12/31/20.     

When your supply becomes low, please contact your Cone Health pharmacy and they will contact your physician for Freestyle® (covered product when participating in AHM) prescriptions. 

Do I need to get a different meter for AHM?  

Yes – ActiveHealth Management uses the Freestyle® Lite meter (free to members with prescription and pharmacy voucher), Freestyle® Lite strips and Freestyle® lancets.  Your Cone Health Pharmacist will be happy to transition you to these new products and applying applicable coupons.  

Will my test strips still be covered in AHM?   

Yes.  AHM requires enrollees to use the Freestyle® Lite Meter (free to members with pharmacy voucher), Freestyle® Lite strips and Freestyle® lancets.   

The 2021 benefits program requires all participants to pay for testing supplies up front with a financial reward to the employee on a quarterly basis.  The cost for test strips is $15.00 per 30 day supply (after coupon) and $5 per 30 day supply of lancets.  

Can I still use the Wellsmith app while I’m in AHM?  

No.  Wellsmith and the Wellsmith app will no longer be functioning after November 30, 2020  

Can I still get assistance from Coach Chasta and Nurse Julie once I’m in AHM?  

No, ActiveHealth Management (AHM) will assign you a nurse after enrolling and they will be your main point of contact.  

Who will my care team be in AHM?   

ActiveHealth Management works a little differently. You will not have a care-team, but you will have an AHM nurse coach to speak to on a regular scheduled basis as well as for emergent needs. 

What if I have questions about medications, side effects or health once I’m in AHM?  

Please reach out to your provider (MD. OD, PA, or nurse practitioner) through MyChart. Your Active Health nurse is also available to call or message. 

Will the AHM team be able to see my blood sugars while I’m in the program?  

No.  Active Health Management is a telephonic program. Please be sure to track your blood sugars on paper and share it with your provider at each of your visits. 

I’ve been checking my BP and nutrition in the Wellsmith app, is that possible in AHM? 

Just like Wellsmith, AHM encourages you to keep track of your health.  Continue to keep track of your BP and share them with your provider at each visit. Tracking your food intake is beneficial for understanding your blood sugars, staying on track with your meal planning and managing weight.  Within the MyActiveHealth website and mobile app you are able to track blood pressure and nutrition, as well as exercise, weight, and sleep. Please visit www.myactivehealth.com/conehealth or download the ActiveHealth app from the App Store or Google Play to start tracking. 

What do I do with my scale & Garmin step tracker? 

Continue to use both the scale & Garmin devices provided. We recommend connecting your step track to the Garmin Connect app to help you stay on track. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about the AHM management program?    

Please call 1-855-294-6577 to get enrolled.  

If you have additional questions regarding condition management benefits or wellness for Cone Health medical plan members, please contact LiveLifeWell at 336-832-LIVE (5483) or livelifewell@conehealth.com   

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