Weight Loss Motivation

To lose weight and transform your health, stay focused on one healthy decision at a time. The real goal isn’t the number on the scale, it’s watching your healthy habits become a healthy life, and reaping the benefits of your actions. Use these reminders to stay motivated when it gets tough. Today is the right... Continue Reading →

Overcome Your Excuses

"I don’t have time to exercise."30 min is approximately 4% of your week’s time. You will make time if it’s important, so here are a few ways to break through the excuse.  Break up the time into small 15 min walks and do them before work, during lunch and after work, wherever you can. Walk... Continue Reading →

When walking, every step counts! But with any exercise routine, adding variety can keep it interesting and challenge your body in different ways. Before you start your walk, check your posture. You should stand up straight, with shoulders back, and chin up. This allows you to take deep breaths, and help you go faster and... Continue Reading →

How Does My Homescreen Work?

At the start of each day, you will have a fresh list of Reminders when you open the Wellsmith app. Your goal is to complete each Reminder Card and achieve a Healthy Day every day. You can do so by logging the medication or taking the measurement associated with each Reminder Card during the Routine... Continue Reading →

4 Ways To Heal Bruised Finger Tips

Checking your blood sugars often is an important part of your diabetes care. Many people say that they would check more often, but their fingers are sore, or they’re worried about turning their fingers black and blue with bruising. It can be frustrating. No one likes to deal with pain. Fortunately, there is hope. Here’s... Continue Reading →

Signs Of Dehydration

Are diabetics more prone to dehydration? Yes, diabetics essentially have a higher blood glucose level than normal. When you haven’t been drinking enough water, your body will compensate by pulling water out of your bloodstream or anywhere in your body and send it straight to where your body needs it. Pair this with high blood... Continue Reading →

Caring for your diabetes may seem like a lot, especially when faced with energy zappers like stress and daily demands. Various factors in diabetes tend to erode your energy levels at some point, and as fatigue sets in, your blood sugars can spike and spring other symptoms. It’s important to recognize these side effects and how... Continue Reading →

Stress Management Checklist

Stress management is an important component of self-care to stay healthy and strong, but many ignore stress until it puts their health at risk. Chronic and long-term stress wreaks havoc on your heart and weakens your physical and mental health, so learning how to remove or manage through stress can be life saving. Start practicing... Continue Reading →

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