The Power Of Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are statements of positive self-talk. They rid your mind of limiting beliefs and can positively improve the way you think, feel, and even improve your health. Research shows that optimistic people live longer, and optimism can improve cardiovascular health by, reducing stress hormones and inflammation. Positive people tend to adopt healthier behaviors, such as eating... Continue Reading →

Gift Yourself A Healthy Heart

Happy American Heart Month! February is known for celebrating love through romantic gestures and all things heart - related, also a great reminder to take care of our own heart. This Valentine's Day, gift yourself a healthy heart and learn how to prevent heart disease: Be Heart-Smart: How To Prevent Heart Disease. Managing cholesterol early... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Health Tips for 2019

Each new year brings a fresh start – what will you do with it? Did you plan to live your healthiest year yet, but may be falling behind? We believe you still can, and to help, we recommend you add these 5 smart health goals. 1.Set a goal and track it There’s a saying, “old... Continue Reading →

Healthy Gratitude, A Healthy Practice

Many are still researching if and how gratitude impacts our health, but reliminary research suggests gratitude is essential to our well-being and can make people happier, improve relationships, and help counteract stress and anxiety. It also suggests that grateful people may have better sleep and fewer aches and pains. Sleep is vital for good health,... Continue Reading →

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