A Nutrition Label Cheat Sheet

When it comes to packaged food, it's important to read and understand the nutrition labels before eating. Reading the nutrition facts will help you discover what is or isn’t healthy, and this cheat sheet breaks down how to read and understand food labels.

A Balanced Meal, A Healthy Plate

A simple way to know if your meal is balanced, and providing the nutrients you need, is to divide your plate in sections based on each food group's serving size. Here's an example to use for comparison at your next meal. Ask yourself, "are my meals balanced and full of nutrients?" "Is there anything I... Continue Reading →

Healthy Selfcare Tips

Holidays are right around the corner and living healthy can be stressful, especially with food and exercise...BUT this is your first holidays with Wellsmith -  your support in living healthy. Here are some healthy holiday tips to help you get through the holidays.   Start by setting goals as to how you’ll make healthy choices.... Continue Reading →

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