To start any health journey, you must first recognize and focus on breaking bad habits, and that requires a shift in mindset. Use Self Reflection to identify bad habits in your daily life that are holding you back. Ask yourself, are my eating habits preventing me from losing weight? Am I reaching my daily Activity... Continue Reading →

5 Weight Loss Myths

5 Weight loss myths  Skipping meals will help you lose weightDiet doesn’t matter if I exercise Eat Less CarbsI don’t need a weight loss planWeight loss will make me happy

Christmas Cookie Exercises: How To Burn Off The Extra Holiday Calories

Most Popular Christmas Cookies:  Chocolate Chip Cookies: 110 calories each Gingerbread Cookies: 158 calories each Sugar Cookies With Decorative Icing: 65 calories each Linzer Cookies: 85 calories each Snickerdoodle Cookies: 182 calories each Gingersnap Cookies: 121 calories each Rugelach Cookies: 97 calories each   With all of the holiday parties this season, you’re bound to come... Continue Reading →

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