Best Exercises for Managing Diabetes

Before starting any new activity or exercise routine, check in with your doctor or Care Team. Don’t be shy to mention the kickboxing or that Zumba class you’ve always wanted to try! Your Care Team will provide safe exercise and preparation guidance specific to your needs. Step 1: Check your blood glucose level before and... Continue Reading →

Stretch For Sleep

We could all use a stellar night’s sleep. Whether you’re stressed out, sore, or dealing with chronic pain, stretching right before you climb into bed can provide you with more restful sleep. Stretching not only relaxes you, but it also keeps your muscles flexible so you’re less likely to experience discomfort during the day. No... Continue Reading →

4 Ways to Power Up Your Walk

Every step you take burns calories, but you can seriously slim down and get toned by adding hills, intervals, and sculpting moves to your walks. Strength training helps improve balance, bone density and builds muscle, and by combining them with a walk, you get a total body workout in less time. Here are the 4... Continue Reading →

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