Simple, Healthy Food Swaps

If you’re ready to embrace healthy eating habits, saying farewell to certain junk food is a great place to start. But you don’t have to give up on taste. Try these simple, healthy food swaps that don't sacrifice taste.   Swap: Fried → Baked Or Grilled Cut some fat out of your diet without giving... Continue Reading →

A Balanced Meal, A Healthy Plate

A simple way to know if your meal is balanced, and providing the nutrients you need, is to divide your plate in sections based on each food group's serving size. Here's an example to use for comparison at your next meal. Ask yourself, "are my meals balanced and full of nutrients?" "Is there anything I... Continue Reading →

Healthy Gratitude, A Healthy Practice

Many are still researching if and how gratitude impacts our health, but reliminary research suggests gratitude is essential to our well-being and can make people happier, improve relationships, and help counteract stress and anxiety. It also suggests that grateful people may have better sleep and fewer aches and pains. Sleep is vital for good health,... Continue Reading →

Baked Chicken with Veggies Recipe

Baked chicken and green beans are a perfect combination for a nutrient-packed flavorful meal. Paired with cumin, thyme, sweet potatoes and a hint of balsamic, they create one of our favorite easy dinner recipes. Nutrition Facts (Per serving. Nutrition Facts will vary with ingredient substitutions) Serving Size5 servingsCalories408Total Fat22 gSodium138 mgTotal Carbohydrate34 gProtein23 g Ingredients... Continue Reading →

Cauliflower Rice Stuffed Peppers

Loaded with protein and veggies these stuffed bell peppers will provide the nutrition that you need for a healthy, balanced meal. This easy-to-make dinner recipe offers a chicken and lean beef option so you spicen up your favorite protein. Nutrition – Chicken Option: (Per serving. Nutrition Facts will vary with ingredient substitutions) Serving Size 6 servings... Continue Reading →

Power Your Health With Power Greens

You’ve probably heard it many times before—greens are good for you. But why? And how can you actually integrate a healthy dose into your regular diet? Here’s a go to guide about the produce powerhouses that deserve space in your fridge. Power Greens will: Improve energyReduce cholesterol levelsLessen the risk of heart diseaseReduce inflammationKeep blood... Continue Reading →

Overcoming A Health Setback: Stay Committed

Experiencing a health setback when you are making progress with living healthy is incredibly discouraging and frustrating. It can cause anxiety about your goals and the potential of losing progress, but the good news is- it’s just a setback. You will heal and get back on track if you stay committed to practicing health habits -... Continue Reading →

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