Wellsmith Wire: March Health Tips

Together you have walked 636 Million steps, that’s 289,090 miles!  As the weather gets nicer, it’s time to get outside and increase those step goals.  Here are 5 Benefits Of A Daily Walk to put some pep in your step.  Read these new blogs to help you stay healthy: Tips For Remembering Medication Tips To Stay Motivated While Managing... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cookie Exercises: How To Burn Off The Extra Holiday Calories

Most Popular Christmas Cookies:  Chocolate Chip Cookies: 110 calories each Gingerbread Cookies: 158 calories each Sugar Cookies With Decorative Icing: 65 calories each Linzer Cookies: 85 calories each Snickerdoodle Cookies: 182 calories each Gingersnap Cookies: 121 calories each Rugelach Cookies: 97 calories each   With all of the holiday parties this season, you’re bound to come... Continue Reading →

Healthy Selfcare Tips

Holidays are right around the corner and living healthy can be stressful, especially with food and exercise...BUT this is your first holidays with Wellsmith -  your support in living healthy. Here are some healthy holiday tips to help you get through the holidays.   Start by setting goals as to how you’ll make healthy choices.... Continue Reading →

The Risks of Ignoring Your Health on The Weekends

Diabetes management takes more than one single action, it’s a lifestyle change.  The trick to effectively managing diabetes is consistency.  Sticking to a consistent schedule helps you keep your glucose readings in range, lose weight, and over time helps to build healthy habits.  So what happens when you “take the weekend off” from managing your... Continue Reading →

Overcoming A Health Setback: Stay Committed

Experiencing a health setback when you are making progress with living healthy is incredibly discouraging and frustrating. It can cause anxiety about your goals and the potential of losing progress, but the good news is- it’s just a setback. You will heal and get back on track if you stay committed to practicing health habits -... Continue Reading →

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